Smarter than the average frog.

5-Year Savings

10-Year Savings

15-Year Savings

10 SEER VS. Smart Frog AC 23 SEER

*Based on 11.11 cents/KWh (average price in Texas). Also based on 1592.5 yearly cooling hours. This is intended as a rough estimate. The savings are not guaranteed and depend on various factors.

Air Conditioning

Variable Speed



Solar Inverter

Up to 4.5KW*

Standby Generation

Standby Generation

Up to 7-9KW*

*Per Unit

  • Efficiency Rating Up to 23 SEER
  • Compressor Drive Variable Speed
  • Ton 2 - 5 Ton Cooling Capacity
  • Coil Coated
  • Air Handler Single or Communicating
  • Heat Pump Available
  • Refrigerant Type R-410A
  • Standby Generator Up to 7 - 9 KW*
  • Fuel Type Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Solar Inverter Up to 4.5KW*
  • Installation Plug & Play

*Per Unit

Variable Speed compressor
• Operate range from as wide as 25-100%

Up to 7-9KW Standby Generator*
• 60Hz Frequency
• Voltage 220/230/240V

Up to 4.5KW Solar Inverter*
• Max. DC Power 4540W
• Max. DC Voltage 550V
• Max. Input Current 19A
• Start-up Voltage 150V
• Full Load Voltage Range MPPT 250V-440V
• Nominal Output Frequency Range 59.3-60.5Hz
• Nominal Output Voltage 208V/240V

*Per Unit

    1. What is a variable speed compressor more efficient?

    A variable speed compressor provides multiple speeds, using only what it needs. Reducing power cost and power surges.

    2. What type of warranty?

    Limited Warranty Includes | Compressor - 10 years | Generator - 5 years or 800 hours of operation | Solar Inverter - 5 years

    3. How does solar work with the Smart frog AC?

    The Smart Frog has a built-in solar inverter that allows the Solar panels to connect directly into the Smart Frog AC converting the DC power to AC power for the system or home to use.